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Beeswax Candle BIG Buddha Head Sadhana Meditation Contemplation Altar Candle in BLACK




Beeswax Black Buddha Head Candle

Beeswax Black Buddha Head Candle

This awe-inspiring Buddha head candle is made of pure Beeswax from hardworking Oregon bees and cotton wick. Dyed black using candle dye. Somewhat rustic finish.

This is a BIG candle, measuring 6 1/2″ tall by 4 1/2″ wide, and weighing 1 pound, 9 oz.  I have fitted him with a wick so the melt pool is approximately 2 1/2″ in diameter so he will NOT be destroyed as he burns. Highly recommended!  Burn time I estimate as around 90-100 hours.

Please note the dye I use does change the beeswax scent a bit, it’s not bad, just different. Some candle makers try to cover the dye scent with fragrance oil, but I figure the dye is enough. I draw the line at scenting things! I do want to disclose this though. If you want to fully experience the beeswax scent, see this same candle in natural in the Religious/Holiday tab in my shop.

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Weight 2.5 oz