Hi, my name is Angelika! I married into a beekeeping family. My husband Mike has been keeping bees his whole life. It’s the only job he’s ever known. He learned the craft from his dad, who learned it from Grandpa… So when I joined the family in 1995, naturally I tried my hand at the bee work. It was fun for a while, but after my two kids came along, I started selling honey at local farmer’s markets and craft fairs, to be able to stay home more.
I’d always made a few candles, but in 2006, I decided to really have a go at increasing the number and selection of candle types I offer. I had no idea how many there eventually would be!
Now I sell thousands of pure beeswax candles every year, every one of which I pour myself, and I have one of the largest selections on the Web, too.

Do you love Beeswax Candles?  As you can guess, I love making candles, too. It is still so much fun!  I love the entire process, from visualizing the design, to pouring the sweet wax, waiting patiently, then seeing the end result. Even though I know what the candle will look like when it pops out of the mold, it’s still so enjoyable to see that candle for the first time. People are always telling touching stories of how my candles were a big part of a birth… or a death… and everything in between.  Keep those stories coming.  They make my day and are why I do what I do.   Now I sometimes find people are imitating my original designs. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I guess I must be doing something right!

We opened our shop, the Oregon Bee Store, right on our farm in our hometown of Eagle Point, Oregon, in 2012. So, naturally, having a store, we are always looking for wonderful new products that have to do with bees with which to stock our shop, so that led me to a product called “Bees Wrap” that I found online.  I played around with the concept a bit using tutorials online, made lots of mistakes (it’s not as easy as it looks to make a top-quality product), but finally I came up with the Beekeeper’s Wife Eco-Wraps. And I brought them up to my own kitchen to use. And you know what? I love them! They are so handy. I really believe in this product. I sell those on my website.  Click on the link  “Beeswax Eco Wraps.”

When you read appalling news about plastic gyres in the Pacific, or reports of ocean critters eating plastic and mistaking it for food and dying of starvation as a result, or of predictions that there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans by year so-and-so and on and on… we tend to give up and think there’s nothing we can do…
But there ARE things we can do, and they are little things, just as it is the little things that got us in this mess in the first place. Imagine taking a sandwich to lunch every day wrapped in a plastic bag, that’s maybe 200 bags in a year. Wrap that bag in a reusable wrap, and those 200 bags won’t go in the trash, multiplied by however many millions of aware people that decide to take that one little step… Yes We Can make a difference.

I take pride in hand-creating every one of my products myself, and hope that you’ll find something on this site that you like.

Read about beeswax in my candle shop here (insert link) and find out why it is so wonderful to burn!

I also can create custom orders; hit the Contact Us link and let me know what you need.
I really look forward to doing business with you.

Peace, Love and Beeswax,
Peaceblossom Candles/ The Beekeeper’s Wife Eco-Wraps
Eagle Point, Oregon