Pure RAW Honey from Oregon bees 1 quart size (3 lb.)


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Please read note in bold below before ordering – thank you!

This is the real thing — RAW honey: completely unheated and unfiltered, from our own hardworking Oregon bees.

This is a glass quart jar, about 4 cups liquid measure. We will send you a mild variety you will just love.  Confused about what a certain honey variety tastes like?    Check out our Honey Facts page!  Because the varieties we carry vary throughout the year, selection may vary.

There will be small specks in the honey — these are pollen and wax particles which have deliberately been left in for their health benefits.

My husband and his dad have been keeping bees in the beautiful Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon for over 45 years, so you can be assured this is the BEST honey to be found anywhere!

YUM YUM YUM! Peace and Love and SAVE THE BEES by buying local honey made by family farmers and small beekeepers!!

NOTE: Raw honey CAN and WILL sugar up or get solid. No surprises there. To delay this, do not refrigerate your honey (not needed), but keep it in the pantry or cupboard shelf in a warm place. To re-liquify, place the jar in the warm sunshine (best), or place in a pan of warm, not hot water. About 110-120 degrees F is about right. Be sure to turn the burner off before you set the jar in the water so you don’t accidentally crack the jar!

***NOTE***NOTE***NOTE*** We ship two jars maximum in one box to reduce the risk of breakage. If you order more than 2 jars, only two will be packed in a single box.  That is our policy, please do not ask us for exceptions.  If you order more than two jars, the flat-rate postage may or may not be adequate to cover if you are on the WEST Coast of the U.S., depending, of course, on your location and how many jars you ordered.   However, for points East, you WILL BE CONTACTED in regards to extra postage charges.  Thank you for your understanding!!

This item can be shipped to the US only. Sorry international buyers! 🙁   Since this is an agricultural product I don’t want to risk it. However, I will happily ship you candles – check them out!!!

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