Beeswax Candle Buddha Tower Shaped Candle




This candle is for those of you out there who are afraid to burn your beeswax candle for fear it will be “ruined,” as a new row of Buddhas are always there for you to enjoy!  This is a truly spectacular candle, measuring 11 3/4″ tall and 3 3/4″ square at the base.  The burn sequence starts out a bit faster, then slows, as the candle becomes bigger, the further down it burns.   And like all my candles, this is made of fragrant Oregon beeswax and fitted with an all-cotton wick for non-toxic light.  Do not miss this one!  There is a slight postage upcharge to account for the larger box and careful packing required to avoid breakage in transport.buddha tower 3

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Weight 3 oz