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Cast from a real old-timey honey bottle called a Muth jar, this unique candle measures approx. 2″ by 2″ at the base and is 6″ tall. The words “1 Pound Pure Honey” appear on one side, along with an image of a bee skep hive, as was on the bottle this was cast from.

Like all Peace Blossom candles, this one is made from pure Oregon beeswax and all-cotton wick. Beeswax has that great homey scent we never get tired of. Just delightful anywhere in your home.

This burns like a pillar. When burning, the neck of the bottle disappears then the rest of the candle burns evenly, the melt pool taking up most of the cross section. Be sure to provide a suitable dish or holder under any candle to avoid damage to surfaces.

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