Beeswax Candles Twist Taper set of 2 BLACK Color Beeswax


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7 1/2 x 3/4″ spiral taper candles, pure golden beeswax dyed black. These are sold in a set of 2. These fit in a standard candle holder and are entirely dripless. Burn time: about 7 hours. They would grace a hospitable table in any decor or look lovely anywhere in the home.

Please note the dye I use does change the beeswax scent a bit, it’s not bad, just different. Some candle makers try to cover the dye scent with fragrance oil, but I figure the dye is enough. I draw the line at scenting things! I do want to disclose this though. If you want to fully experience the beeswax scent, see this same candle in natural in the Tapers tab in our shop.

Beeswax Taper twists in BLACK

Beeswax Taper twists in BLACK

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