Honey Stix Honey Sticks Straws filled with Pure Honey 100 Count Bulk pack


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This is a bag of 100 LOOSE Honey Stix. These are great for the office, kids’ Valentines, for holiday stocking stuffers, treats for a classroom full of kids, you get the idea…

Note they are not in the pretty packages, if you want the packaged ones, look here:


Yum! Yum! Varieties vary – right now we have Oregon Blackberry, Clover and California Orange blossom. Pick the one that sounds good.  Or you can even mix and match!

These are NOT like the honey stix you often see in stores which have been adulterated with all sorts of yucky flavors and colors — this is just pure honey packed in plastic straws. Each stick contains one measured teaspoon of pure honey — 20 calories.

Honey Stix are great for backpackers, athletes, campers, or anyone who wants portable honey. KIDS LOVE THEM!! Gramma and Grampa, be a hero and offer these to your grandkids when they come to visit — you won’t be sorry!!

They are also great to offer guests as swizzle sicks for their tea.

So why should you buy these? My husband and his dad have been keeping bees in the beautiful Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon for over 44 years, so you can be assured this is the BEST honey to be found anywhere! These have been custom packed for us, but this is 100% our honey from southern Oregon.

YUM YUM YUM! Peace and Love and SAVE THE BEES by buying local honey made by family farmers and small beekeepers!!

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