Beeswax Block Pure Filtered Beeswax 30 Oz. Weight from the Beekeeper


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This is the real thing!! Pure 100% Oregon beeswax directly from the beekeeper!  No imported stuff here, this is the real deal from family beekeepers.  Use for making salves, creams, lip balm, soap, candles, furniture polish, for sewing, woodworking batik, encaustic work… the list goes on and on. This wax has been filtered to the same purity I use to make candles.

Natural color does not affect the look of cosmetics. And that wonderful smell… just like honey! It’s heavenly! The 30 oz. block is the larger of the two shown in the photo.

NOTE! These molds are supposed to be a 2 pound weight; but in practice it’s a little short, hence the 20 oz., instead of 32 oz. claim.  Truth in advertising 🙂


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Weight 2.5 oz