Pure Beeswax Craft bars 1 oz. size for sewing, cosmetics


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Pure Beeswax from hardworking Oregon bees simply filtered and cast into 1 oz. golden bars — ready for your loving hands to use for…well, whatever!

Beeswax is so versatile it literally has 1001 uses. Our customers are always teaching me something new as they tell me what they use my wax for!

Sewing, quilting, cosmetics, candle- and soap-making, woodworking, metalsmithing…and the list goes on and on…and the smell is so wonderful…just like honey!

This size is great if you don’t need much wax, for example, for sewing thread or if you want to make a small amount of lip balm. If you need larger quantities, I carry 1/2-pound, one and two pound¬† blocks.¬† Check the Bulk and Craft Beeswax section of the site.

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